Monthly Updates Plot #59

Plot #59 Update: June 2016

June was a quieter month than you might think, down on Plot #59, thanks to a combination of wet weather and exam revision. Nevertheless, Jo and I forged ahead as best we could and kept things moving on several fronts. Projects / Maintenance The ground was too wet for most of the month to allow […]

Plot #59

A Spot of Structural Work

With a few hundred seedlings coming along nicely in the greenhouse at home, we’ve been busy down at Plot #59, preparing ground and putting up a few of this year’s support structures for the crops to come. Pea Harp In the past I’ve grown peas up plastic netting, or just let them scramble through pea […]

Cottage Garden Project Monthly Updates

Cottage Garden Project Update: January 2016

Well, I say “update”, but there’s really not much activity to report. Earlier in the month our back yard had a light covering of snow: …which all-but disappeared overnight. Otherwise though, it’s been as soggy as the allotment. Floral Displays We do have a few early flowers in the pots that we brought with us […]