Advice Plot #79 Recommendations

How To: (Hopefully) Prevent an Orchard Aphid Nightmare

I think 2019 is shaping up to be the Year of the Aphid. It seems like the sap-sucking pests are everywhere at the moment: all over the Aqualegias in the back garden, on the onion seedlings in the greenhouse and in a particular nasty manifestation, infesting one or two of the trees in the Plot #79 allotment orchard…


A Simple (and Stink-Free) Recipe for Comfrey Tea

Comfrey tea, or comfrey fertiliser, is an all-organic, easy to make plant food that provides excellent nutrition, especially for flowering and fruiting plants.

When I make comfrey tea I use a method that was told to me by no-dig guru Charles Dowding and it goes something like this…