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Thank You to Basil Labels

Recently, I was contacted by Ashley Basil of www.basillabels.co.uk. Ashley asked if I’d be interested in helping promote a Twitter giveaway that he’s running this week, in return for a set of his laser-printed stainless steel plant labels. I said I’d be happy to, and asked for a cheeky favour in return: would Ashley mind doing a bespoke set of labels for the trees in our Air-Pot mini-orchard?

Here’s what arrived in the post not half an hour ago:

Ashley Basil stainless steel plant labels
Shiny! And hard-wearing, too.

Thank you Ashley, I love ’em! They’ll look great attached to the tree stakes that we’ll be using when the Air-Pot denizens are moved to their final positions later in the year.

If you fancy a chance to win a a set of plant labels, check out Ashley’s competition, which closes on Sunday 9th July:

Please note: you’ll need to re-tweet the original tweet and follow @Basil_Labels for a chance to win.

Or, if you’d just like to go ahead and place an order – standard price £10.00 for a standard set of 5, or for 3 custom labels – you can do so via www.basillabels.co.uk, or Ashley’s Etsy.com shop.

Full Disclosure: As I mentioned, Ashley asked me to help promote his Twitter competition in return for a set of labels. This ‘ere blog post is because I like the product and am happy to endorse it.

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Tromboncino Update – We Have Fruit!

Reqular readers with a long memory may recall that this year I’m attempting to grow a tromboncino squash or two with a view to entering the inaugural Suttons Cup competition. Just a bit of fun, like, and as it turns out, a rather useful comparative growing experiment as well.

There are two plants on the go, both grown from plugs sent by Suttons. One I’m growing at home, in a compost-filled air-pot container, which I’m feeding on a regular basis with a high Potassium solution. The other is planted in open ground down on Plot #59. Here’s how they were both doing recently:

Tromboncino @Home

A week or so ago, I took a couple of pics:

June 2016 home tromboncino
Tromboncino #1 is growing well in a sheltered spot by the greenhouse door.

June 29th 2016 tromboncino fruit
The fruit is just starting to swell and develop nicely.

And then just yesterday, I snapped another:

July 8th 2016 tromboncino fruit
A week or so later and the fruit is noticeably larger and thicker…

Definitely a little longer and with more girth. Coming along nicely.

Tromboncino @Plot #59

Alas, I can’t say the same for the tromboncino that I planted in the ground down at the allotment:

July 2016 plot 59 tromboncino
Not looking too good for this specimen. Hopefully the weather will improve and help it along.

Although the plant is in good soil and was given a compost boost when it went in, the weather has been poor – wind, rain, repeat – and the foliage has clearly suffered. Perhaps if conditions improve it might turn a corner, but so far, not so good…

Looks like all my hopes will be resting on the home-grown fruit(s). Judging by some of the pics posted to the Suttons Cup Facebook page mine are a little way behind at the moment. But the final judging date is September 30th, so it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Again though, just a bit of fun, I’m not taking this at all seriously. (No, Sir. Not at all.)

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