Journal: June 2019

This section of the site is intended as a personal record of jobs undertaken and work completed on the allotment, either on plot #59, our main growing plot; or plot #79, our orchard plot. Please feel free to visit the front page of Allotment Notes for more blog-style content.

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01 June 19 p.m. session, DT & JT 2hrs. Weather fine to overcast, rain later 14 – 16o

Plot #59: Planted 3x ‘Maghrebi’ tomato in Plot #59 greenhouse floor bed. Added brackets to downpipe sections of shed guttering. Put up supports and planted out 4 x patty pan squash on either side of Hugelkultur bed. Sowed carrots ‘Creme de Lite’ & ‘Purple Sun’ in bins #3 and #4.

Harvested: asparagus.

05 June 19 6 hrs a.m. / p.m. session, DT. Weather overcast, light drizzle 14 – 15o

Plot #59: Filled Super Composter & control bin. Planted out 4 x patty pan squash on either side of Hugelkultur bed.

Harvested: asparagus.

12 June 19 Flying visit, checked on tomatoes in greenhouse.

16 June 19 lunchtime session, 4 hrs, DT & JT. Weather overcast / sunny, rain later, 16-18oC

Plot #59: Planted out French beans in main bean section, with cane & mesh supports. Planted out cucamelon x 5 on cane & mesh support. Weeded root bed. JT planted out red onions underneath bean frames.

Watered non-trial tomatoes in greenhouse

Composters temperature check: air 18oC, control 20oC, SC 28-29oC.


  • Comfrey feed all trees on Plot #79 & Plot #59.
  • Continue lifting grass, add to turf bin.
  • Continue mulching paths / no-dig areas w. card & chippings (when available).
  • Sort and tidy shed.
  • Clear junk from front of Plot #59 (w/on skip at home?)
  • Clear horsetail from Plot #79.
  • Weed (& mulch?) potato patch.