Greenhouse Growing Plot #59

Greenhouse Update, late April 2020

It’s getting busy in the greenhouse as the seedling production line speeds up for spring.

We may have had a couple of dull, grey days, but the young plants in the greenhouse are forging ahead regardless.

These beetroot seedlings are coming along nicely. I sowed two or three seeds in each modules and once the plants are a bit larger and the roots have knitted the compost together, I’ll pop them out as a plug and plant them as they are – no need for pricking out, as long as I leave space around each clump for the plants to grow outwards into.

The celeriac seedlings that I pricked out last week are likewise coming along quite nicely.

Another couple of weeks – avoiding the frost that’s forecast for next weekend – and I’ll plant those out on the plot with plenty of well-manured soil to get their roots into. Hopefully they’ll do better than last year…

More seedlings, this time a couple of herbs – dill on the left, chervil on the right – plus some interlopers who must have snuck in with the re-purposed compost I used in the seed mix. Not to worry, easily weeded out.

And this handsome specimen is a seedling of kale ‘Red Ruble’, some of which are destined for the allotment, some for the back garden:

I’m rather pleased that this ginger plant is apparently doing so well. The rhizome was a lump of shop-bought organic ginger with a couple of buds that started to swell. So I separated the sections, put them both in a pot of compost and waited to see what happened. The first is racing ahead and the second has just broken the surface, so maybe we’ll be able to harvest our own root ginger later in the year? We’ll see.

All of this growing activity is taking place under the guardianship of our small collection of insectivorous plants, already busy with bug-control:

And of course, everything that happens in the greenhouse takes place under the stern gaze of the watchful supervisor. (Y’know, when she can be bothered, isn’t actually asleep on the sofa, doesn’t have far more Important Cat Stuff to do…)

How about you? What’s your greenhouse looking like at the moment? Do you have a greenhouse or are you using every available windowsill in the house instead? Let me know, via the comments…

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