Plot #59

A Good Shallot Harvest This Year

I’ve been growing and saving a few ‘Hative de Niort’ and ‘Jermor’ for propagation every year for the past few, and this year we’ve had a bumper harvest…

A few years ago, my dad-in-law gave me a few shallot bulbs to grow on. Two varieties: ‘Hative de Niort’ and ‘Jermor’. I’ve been growing and saving a few for propagation every year since then, and this year I planted out eight of each variety.

A couple of the ‘Jermor’ didn’t do so well – dividing but then not growing on – but the rest grew really well, dividing and bulbing up a treat, turning the original 16 shallots into about 100 or so.

I lifted them today – with more thunderstorms forecast for this evening I didn’t want them to get soggy and go to mush – and they’re now drying in the greenhouse. The ‘Hative de Niort’ are at the top of this pic, and the slightly longer, thinner ‘Jermor’ at the bottom:

They’re both good storing varieties, so should last a few months in a cool, dark place… although there’s probably little chance of that, given how tasty they are.

How about you, do you grow shallots? Any recommended varieties I can add to the plot #59 repertoire? Let me know, via the comments.

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