Man vs. Bindweed

It’s that time of year when, unfortunately, our plot neighbour’s bindweed patch really hits its stride.

I say bindweed patch, although obviously he’s not growing the stuff deliberately. It used to be his compost heap, but the bindweed got in, and now it’s a bit out of hand, and he works nights so doesn’t have a lot of time for plot-work, and there’s other stuff he needs to do when he has the time, and… well, it is what it is and it can’t be helped, for now. I just have to hack back the thicket when it threatens to over-spill too far into our utility area and do the best I can.

Here’s my latest attempt to combat the pernicious perennial, or the start of one at least:

A couple of months ago I salvaged a dozen or so roof tiles from a skip. They interlock (sort of) along the edge, so I reckon if I trench them in so there’s a good 6″ – 8″ below the ground, that might help stop the bindweed’s subterranean stems in their tracks. Or at least force them up to the surface, where they’re more easily dealt with.

Probably a vain hope, most likely I’ll find bindweed growing through the supposedly interlocking sections in a month or two. But it’s worth a try.

On the subject of bindweed, here’s a video I posted to Twitter back in April showing just what can happen if the stuff gets into your black plastic compost bins…

How about you? Problems with bindweed, or is your plot fortunately bindweed-free? Let me know, via the comments.

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