Thank You to Basil Labels

Recently, I was contacted by Ashley Basil of Ashley asked if I’d be interested in helping promote a Twitter giveaway that he’s running this week, in return for a set of his laser-printed stainless steel plant labels. I said I’d be happy to, and asked for a cheeky favour in return: would Ashley mind doing a bespoke set of labels for the trees in our Air-Pot mini-orchard?

Here’s what arrived in the post not half an hour ago:

Ashley Basil stainless steel plant labels
Shiny! And hard-wearing, too.

Thank you Ashley, I love ’em! They’ll look great attached to the tree stakes that we’ll be using when the Air-Pot denizens are moved to their final positions later in the year.

If you fancy a chance to win a a set of plant labels, check out Ashley’s competition, which closes on Sunday 9th July:

Please note: you’ll need to re-tweet the original tweet and follow @Basil_Labels for a chance to win.

Or, if you’d just like to go ahead and place an order – standard price £10.00 for a standard set of 5, or for 3 custom labels – you can do so via, or Ashley’s shop.

Full Disclosure: As I mentioned, Ashley asked me to help promote his Twitter competition in return for a set of labels. This ‘ere blog post is because I like the product and am happy to endorse it.

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