Harvest Monday Plot #59

Harvest Monday for September 5th 2016

September 2016 bumper harvest
September is a time of plenty, and no mistake.

The do say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I’ll briefly walk you through the above. From the top-left: a bag of apples and plums donated by a plot-neighbour; the last of this year’s maincrop ‘pink fir apple’ potatoes, with three giant black radishes on top; (in the box) autumn raspberries and Japanese wineberries; this year’s onion harvest, cleaned and trimmed and ready for storage; the first of this year’s ‘turk’s turban’ squashes (we have another nine or ten at varying stages of size and ripeness); a few more courgettes and a smallish spaghetti squash (at least, I think it is…); another bag of fresh runner and French beans, plus an unruly head of bolted purple cauliflower / broccoli.

Not too shabby, if we do say so ourselves.

Coming soon: sweetcorn, which I’m leaving a little longer to enjoy this week’s forecast sunshine, and perhaps the first of the cabbages.

Harvest Monday is a GYO meme hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres.

4 replies on “Harvest Monday for September 5th 2016”

Cheers Dave. I’ve planted out a bag of onion sets for the past couple of years and although we always lose a few to white rot, the rest just take care of themselves. Might be the fairly sandy loam on our allotment, alliums seem to thrive on it.

Thanks Matt. And I know what you mean – when you can pick up a bag of cooking onions for pennies then why grow them? But ours always seem to be stronger flavoured than the supermarket varieties and sweeter once they’re cooked, too. Plus the ritual, as you say. I think a lot of the joy of gardening is bound up in little rituals.

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