Plot #59

We’re Back! (With Good News and Bad)

July 2016 - Wimpole Estate borders
A beautiful summer border on the Wimpole Estate

Jo and I have not long returned from our annual summer break. This year we took a week to head South and tour a few gardens that we’ve been meaning to see for years. ‘Garden Inspiration’ posts will follow at some point, covering our visits to RHS Wisley and Sissinghurst Castle, as well as Upton House, the The Wimpole Estate, Smallhythe Place, Owletts and The Potton Nest.

Meanwhile, the Good News: we returned to find that the plants in the greenhouse were understandably parched but hadn’t died off completely in the weekend heat-wave. And down at Plot #59 we had bumper pickings of courgettes, broad beans and mangetout peas to enjoy, plus a riot of colour in Jo’s flower beds.

The Bad News: the evil blight had spread from the first and second earlies to our main-crop spuds, so the haulms had to come off those as well. And judging by the few small carrots I picked for a salad, our anti-carrot-fly measures haven’t been entirely successful. More on that in a future post.

I’ll be getting back into the swing of posting regularly again next week, so until then, have a great weekend!

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The walled garden is rather fantastic, isn’t it? What an amazing place to work that would be.

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