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Since January this year I’ve been studying to take the examinations for the RHS Level 2 Certificate in Plant Growth, Propagation and Development. Those exams are coming up on Monday and I’ve been revising like crazy of late, hence the recent lack of blog updates. That’s likely to remain the case until the middle of next week, although I might sneak a couple of quick ones in if I get time.

Anyhow, I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish any and all fellow L2 PGP&D students who are taking their exams on Monday the very, very best of luck!

I also wanted to put a shout out for the course itself. It covers everything from molecular cell biology to appropriate use of control methods for plant health problems, via soil structure and texture, propagation, pollination, respiration, photosynthesis, and a hundred and one other topics. Personally, I’ve enjoyed every minute; It’s been an absolute pleasure, and a real eye-opener. I’ve learned more about the science and common sense practice of gardening that I think I would have picked up in the next five, maybe ten years of just getting out there and having a go. If nothing else comes of completing the course (although I hope it will), I’m sure I’ll have improved as a gardener and grower as a direct result of taking the course and I highly recommend it for anyone who has the time (and the spare cash to cover the course fees).

Speaking of which, there’s a list of approved teaching centres on the RHS website, but if you live anywhere near North Manchester / Salford I’d highly recommend the course I attended, at Ordsall Hall. Run by the fantastically enthusiastic and hugely knowledgeable Lindsay, in the settings of a genuine Tudor mansion and its grounds, with a fully equipped teaching room; it’s a great venue, with a great course tutor.

If you’re even vaguely horticulturally inclined then I think you’ll get a huge amount out of it. Or, if you think that a Level 2 Certificate in Garden Planning, Establishment and Maintenance might be more your thing, then applications are open now. I’ve already signed up, so I’ll see you when the course starts in September!

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Cheers Adam! I think they went reasonably well, but I’ll know for sure when the results are out in a few weeks.

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