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Dahlia Update: First Flowers

Not just the first flowers of the season, either. Our first ever Dahlia flowers, courtesy of tubers that we bought from J. R. G. Dahlias back in March.

The three ‘topmix’ cultivars – ‘red’, ‘purple’ and ‘mama’ – have been the first to flower; we’re still waiting on ‘Christmas Carol’ and ‘Don Hill’ to do their thing, but buds are showing on both, so it shouldn’t be too long.

June 2016 - Dahlia 'topmix purple'
Dahlia ‘topmix purple’ has a lovely gradation of colour from almost-black, through deep burgundy to almost-pink.
June 2016 - Dahlia 'topmix mama'
Dahlia ‘topmix mama’ has dark green foliage and bright red flowers.
June 2016 - Dahlia 'topmix red'
Dahlia ‘topmix red’ is a splash of bright scarlet and yellow against a vivid green leaf.

Lovely, no?

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