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We Have a New Shed

Earlier this week, the lads from Cocklestorm turned up with the best flat-pack kit ever: a 4.8m x 2.4m pent-roofed, heavy duty, custom-spec shed.

Two opening windows, plus doors at either end for extra ventilation (we’ll be using it as a potting shed as well as for storage, once we’ve got everything properly organised). Just right for that blank patch of concrete we’d uncovered by getting rid of the old garage.

Jo and I spent a couple of hours this morning adding a length of guttering to the front edge, which will catch the rain from the roof and (eventually, if we ever have rain in Manchester again) fill the two large water-butts round the back.

I’ll leave you with a few pics. Feel free to experience shed envy to the appropriate degree… 😉

June 2016 New Shed
Fits like a… well, a made-to-measure shed on a pre-existing concrete base.
June 2016 - New Shed from the side
A nice bank of windows for what will eventually become the Potting Shed side.
June 2016 - New Shed Interior
A very roomy interior indeed (or it was, before I back-filled it with all our junk…)

2 replies on “We Have a New Shed”

That’s a good point. But then… where would we put the microbrewery?

As for the rain, you’d think we’d be permanently soggy, but it’s been just under two weeks since the last good soaking (May 25th, I remember it well, ‘cos I was at the Springsteen concert at the Etihad Stadium). Mind you, there are showers forecast for later today, so you never know, I might be able to skip the watering tonight.

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