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Mystery Fruit Trees – Now With Added Blossom

When we took over our plot we inherited a few fruit trees that had been cut right back to stumps by a former tenant (in a fit of pique when they were evicted, according to one plot-neighbour).

They’ve re-grown, as trees will, and I’ve been gently encouraging them – a bit of a prune here, removing a few suckers there – in the hope that they’ll produce something interesting.

Last year one of them produce a single, solitary fruit, which I’m (really, really) hoping was a greengage:

September 2015 mystery fruit
Greengage? I hope so. I love greengages…

It’s a plum or plum-cross variety of some sort, anyhow. And it tasted vaguely greengage-y when I ate it.

This year, the same tree, and a couple more alongside them (or they could be off-shoots from the same tree, it’s hard to tell without digging) have set blossom:

April 2016 mystery blossom
Could be greengage? Fingers crossed…

As long as the forecast cold snap doesn’t kill them off before they’re pollinated then with any luck I’ll know what’s what in a few months. Fingers crossed for greengage.

2 replies on “Mystery Fruit Trees – Now With Added Blossom”

Cheers Sue, it’s sounding hopeful. Someone on Twitter suggested it could be a mirabelle plum? I’ll have to wait and see.

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