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Hello and Welcome to a blog about allotment fruit and vegetable growing, sustainable GYO, and more.

I’m an organic gardener based in North Manchester, and I grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables, as well as a fair few flowers, on Plot #59 at Langley Allotments, Prestwich. I’m also one of the custodians of the Plot #79 orchard: see OrchardNotes.com for more about my interest in orchard growing and top fruit care and management.

Latest Blog Posts and Updates

  • Still Here, Still Growing
    As you’ve no doubt already worked out, Notes From The Allotment is currently dormant…
  • Greenhouse Update, early June 2020
    We’ve been so busy in the greenhouse for the past few weeks that it’s almost reaching maximum capacity…
  • Another Round of Hot Composting
    Having decided it was past time to re-load the SoilFixer Super Composter that’s exactly what I did earlier this week…
  • Water-Rooted Mint Cuttings
    Starting new mint plants off in water is a really quick and easy way to multiply your stock.
  • Seed Sowing Now in Full Swing
    May is the month when it really gets busy in the greenhouse as the warmth-loving seeds are finally sown.
  • Greenhouse Update, late April 2020
    It’s getting busy in the greenhouse as the seedling production line speeds up for spring.
  • How To: Prick Out Seedlings
    Hopefully this handy how-to guide will help anyone who’s wondering how to go about pricking out their new seedlings.
  • Plot #59 Update, 07.04.20
    Today I cycled down to the plot for my hour outside. The sun was shining, the lightest of breezes was blowing, and if circumstances had been different then I would have stayed all day.
  • Plot #59 Update, 04.04.20
    Jo and I invested our State Authorised Exercise Hour in a work session down on the plot today.
  • 2019/20 Green Manure Trial – Winter Update
    Mixed results so far from the two green manure cover crop tests that I set up back in September 2019.
  • Soft Fruit Re-Vamp, phase two
    One job I definitely wanted to get done this winter was to finish the reorganisation of the soft-fruit section of plot #59.
  • Bring on the Summer
    The winter months are no time to be tramping back and forth across your soil, but it’s an ideal time for catching up on your maintenance jobs…

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